Company Profile


N. ABSOLUTE CONSULTING was founded in November 1993.

The company always stands ready to help owners and/or management in order to optimise Marina’s performance. It can support a potential new owner or manager of a Marina in all of their endeavours. With the help of the methodology applied, the standard models developed and the access to financial information, the Company is able to make adequate projections in order to determine with relatively high accuracy the strategies to be pursued in order to increase efficiency and profits.


Company’s executives are involved in the following fields of expertise :

  • Operation and Marinas Management
  • Integrated Solutions for Marinas
  • Consulting Services for Ports and Marina Solutions for over 25 years
  • Consulting Services:
    • Privatisation of Marinas
    • Redesign of Marinas
    • Procedures for Building new Marinas
    • Design and Implementation of Management Systems
    • Creation of a Master Plan
    • Creation of a Business Plan
    • Creation of a Marketing Plan
    • Creation of a Feasibility Study
    • Financial Analysis and Support
    • Tax Analysis and Support
    • Human Resource Management – Development
  • Information Technology Services by setting up management systems for more than 30 years.


The main activities of N. ABSOLUTE CONSULTING are as follows :

  • Building, Managing and Restructuring Marinas;
  • Studying, Developing and Implementing Management Systems;
  • Project Management in Administration – Information Technology;
  • Management – Exploitation of Marinas.


For N. ABSOLUTE CONSULTING, a management system is a tool whereby the administration of the organisation has all the necessary information to make business decisions.

Decisions which are critical for its development.

One important activity of the system is to monitor the established objectives and movements, as set out by section and scope.

The means to accomplish a successful Management system are the following :

  • The type and form of information which the Management needs for planning, implementing and controlling all the activities of the organisation;
  • A design of the organisation’s functional areas;
  • The activities of the departments;
  • The communication between departments;
  • The necessary sharing of information and procedures across departments;
  • A process control system which should be properly configured in order to operate more effectively;
  • Information systems of primary data collection;
  • Information systems for the digitisation and archiving of transferred documents;
  • Security systems of data and operations;
  • Remote control systems;
  • Communication systems via Internet, e-Business and by developing dynamic websites of the Organisation;
  • Knowledge management systems;
  • Accounting, tax, labour and legal data.


Establishing a Management System requires partnerships with different associates and several cooperating companies; therefore, in order to accomplish the best possible results,N. ABSOLUTE CONSULTING has the overall responsibility for the solution that has been recommended, designed and implemented.


At SenseOne, our vision is to deliver IoT solutions that exceed customer’s expectations.

We came to work on the Internet of Things from on the ground challenges to connect assets and systems inside commercial and industrial buildings.

From a business standpoint, we have created an IoT middleware platform that is capable of reducing the lifecycle cost and effort of multiple integrations that are central to any IoT implementation.

From a technical standpoint, we have focused on interoperability requirements and developed a scalable IoT middleware layer for integrating heterogeneous systems and enabling connected environments.

Today, SenseOne has expanded to become a leading regional IoT solutions provider by designing and implementing IoT projects of varying sophistication levels: from smart metering (electricity, gas, water) to remote management of heating/cooling, lighting, BMS systems, building-integrated renewables, IT/non-IT equipment and assets inside buildings, water and wastewater infrastructure management to complex Smart Cities and Industrial IoT solutions.


Hexasystems S.A. Founded in 1994.

The company is the official dealer of:

  • The Italian undertaking OLIVETTI s.p.a. Both of them share a common approach for the use of PR2 and POS products, guided by the solution that fits the customer needs in order for them to perform adequately, rather than just transfer equipment. This means to provide an ongoing support and expertise to the final customers or intermediary partners who want a solution to their problems (guidelines to developers, development or correction of special microsoftware, drivers);.
  • The Port of Marseille. After the training and certification of expertise, it was the exclusive partner of Greece. Hexasystems – Marseille Port partnership, following a rigorous selection of corresponding solutions introduced by IBM, submitted a joint tender to the Tender Procedure of the Port of Thessaloniki.

Hexasystems SA undertakes the integration, as well as the formation of the final solution for the customers of the family products Absolute Metering Management Systems and the IoT platform of SenseOne.