Working Methodology

  • Data collection from all levels of the Organisation
  • Strategy data collection
  • Data analysis
  • Design of information systems
  • System presentation
  • Final system configuration
  • Implementation timetable
  • Implementation of actions
  • Monitoring of actions
  • Adjustments where necessary
  • Final review procedure
  • Turn-key delivery
  • Monitoring during the operation of the system


Policy on quality


Since its establishment, N.ABSOLUTE CONSULTING has set itself the target to fully satisfy its customers.

Our effort is to select the most suitable products, as well as Partners who, along with the proper training, shall be able to achieve the desirable result.

Ongoing support and monitoring of project implementation.

Designing solutions from scratch which could be adapted to the special needs of our Customers.

Training the senior staff of the Client with specially designed educational programs based on the special skills that we have aimed for.