Absolute Marina – Main Module

  • Absolute Berth Management
  • Absolute Berth Proposal
  • Absolute Berth Analysis
  • Absolute Operators Yachts Control
  • Absolute Guarantees Handling
  • Absolute Shopping Malls Invoicing Services
  • Absolute Collaborators Invoicing Services
  • Absolute automatic Interest Invoicing
  • Absolute Procedures Tables
  • Absolute Memo Management
  • Absolute Invoicing – Services Analysis
  • Absolute Marina Utilization
  • Absolute Berth Utilization
  • Absolute Alert System
  • Absolute Personalized Contract Pricing
  • Absolute automatic Price Proposal

Port Control & Security

  • Port control management system
  • Remote CCTV surveillance systems Solutions


Absolute automatic Invoicing

Absolute Invoicing Preparation System

Absolute Electronic Invoicing

Absolute automatic Marina Customers email Management

Absolute automatic Marina Customers sms Management

Absolute Marina Preview

Absolute Marina Time Table

Absolute Marina Archiving

Absolute Marina Contracts to Doc

Absolute Metering Management System

Absolute Marina Mooring Maintenance

Absolute Marina Maintenance

Absolute Personnel & Customer Demands

Absolute Shipyard Orders & Works


Collaboration with external partners

  • Planning of marina installations
  • Building facilities
  • Machinery equipment
  • Electrical equipment
  • Waste management
  • Exhibitions – Events Management
  • Commercial Use Management
  • Planning and Implementing an Advertising Campaign on Marinas
  • Financial – Accounting – Tax Support for Marinas
  • Legal Support
  • Cleaning services and Maintaining greenery at Marinas
  • Security Services of Marinas
  • Solutions for the management system safety
  • Management system, personnel and payroll system


Vocational Education

Consulting Services for the development of the appropriate educational programme for the company’s personnel based on efficiency and real needs.



  • Use of Personnel/Payroll applications either within the customer environment or by sending information statements of Personnel/Funds.
  • CRM Systems